RESPONSIBILITIES:  PR and Media Relations

ABOUT:  Allen Michael Experience hair salon — specializing in customized wigs with a large percentage of their population being cancer-stricken.

RELEASE:  March 2017 submitted via PR Newswire

RESULTS:  WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit coverage, WJBK Channel 2 Detroit coverage, BLAC Detroit coverage, and more.

Agency: Social Sovereign

RESPONSIBILITIES: PR and Media Relations

ABOUT: TAMU Artist Agency represents professional hairstylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, prop stylists, set designers, manicurists, photographers, commercial and music video directors catering to film, television, music and editorial.

PROJECT: Renowned photographer, Derek Blanks, shooting his infamous “alter ego” featuring R & B songstress, Brandy.

RESULTS: Television Network, TV One, requested an interview that yielded a segment featured on TV One’s “Hello Beautiful Fashion Fix.”


TAMU Artist Agency